Return cores to:

Peak Speed Shop
2020 S. Adams Street
Denver, CO 80210


All cores must be in good condition. Take care when packing the intake manifold to guard the tubes on the front and back. These are what occasionally break if now packed correctly in shipping. The core charge will not be refunded if it has already been ported or there is damage such as cracks, dents, excessive wear or large scratches. We do not except intake manifold cores that have the hole in the throttle body opening for EGR (most don't, but check yours).  Once your core is received, you will be refunded the core charge according to the following schedule (# business days from the time your parts arrive until Peak Speed Shop receives your cores back):

0-10 days

11-20 days

21-30 days

more than 30 days





Order  your intake manifold and throttle body porting with the refundable core charges at our online store.