LS3 Intake Manifold Radically Ported + Throttle Body Ported by Peak Speed Shop

Dyno-tune results provided by TJ Wong - Vancouver, WA

"First let me tell you I have an 08 Vert A6 with AR 1 3/4" headers going through highflow cats and Corsa Sport exhaust. Other additions are a Vararam CAI with throttle body spacer and a tune by TJ Wong. Over the past winter I installed a ported intake manifold and throttle body from Peak Speed Shop. The manifold was treated to the Radical porting. Nothing else on my car has changed other than I have added about 7,000 miles since TJ first tuned it.

Right after installing the ported throttle body and manifold for some reason my idle speed dropped about 50 - 100 rpm. It was initially about 100 but after driving it about 30 miles it ended up about 50 RPM lower. I drove about 3 hours south to TJ Wongs and added about 10 gallons of fresh gas to my last years leftover fuel I was still burning and then we strapped the car down. TJ Wong uses a Mustang Dyno and all of his equipment is the same as the first time he tuned my car. While tuniing for drivability at part throttle and load, TJ noticed the AFR was rich and about 10% fuel was being removed to adjust for it. TJ explained the MAF was seeing more air going by and enrichening the AFR only to have the O2 sensor remove it. TJ adjusted the fuel tables to remedy the issue and we moved on to the first full pull.

On the first pull, the AFR was again a little bit rich and we picked up 12 HP and 14 foot pounds of torque. An additional adjustment to the AFR resulted in an increase of 14 HP and 18 foot pounds of torque. For those of you focused only on the numbers I think you may be selling the mod short. The final numbers for my particular car came to 414/389 on this given day. What the numbers don't talk about is how the car feels. Tip in is definitely sharper and part throttle respoinse (light load) is way more crispy. This is where I spend much of my time driving (even a Vette can only do 20 MPH in traffic) and I really appreciate the additional responsivness. What about matted ? Yes you can feel it there too. I jumped on it from a 25 MPH roll and it boiled the tires so bad I hit the fuel cutoff before the tranny had a chance to shift. In second it carried the tires and just nipped the fuel shut-off again. I can say with certainty it has never done that before.

My last impressions are this: IM and throttle body porting does work. It may not add as much as a headers and full exhaust with a tune, but you will feel the difference. For a guy like me who already has the other major bolt-ons it was the next logical step for me to modify and I'm very glad I did it. Of course the results are more to the credit of Bob at Peak Speed Shop for the excellent work and TJ Wong for his excellent tuning. I just bolted the thing on and anyone can do that." Ken - Mercer Island, WA



LS7 Intake Manifold Radically Ported + Throttle Body Ported by Peak Speed Shop

Dyno-tune results provided by TPS Motorsports, Campbell, CA

"For the Suspension we decided to go with the LG G2 Coilover Setup with the long shock option to help maintain stock ride height while upgrading the valving of the shock with a custom setup from LG. Along with the G2 Coilovers we also added a set of LG's G1 Sway Bars w/ their quite end link to help reduce body roll. And lastly we decided to upgrade the control arm bushings with the Pfadt kit to eliminate all the slop in the control arms and eliminate wheel hop.

For the Performance we decided to have the intake and throttle body radically ported. We also added a K&N Cold air kit. After all the parts were installed the car was treated to a custom TPS dyno tune.

The results - The car picked up 31RWHP, 21RWTQ while become much more stable and easy to drive during cornering." Mike Mak - TPS Motorsports

Note: This was also the first tune for this vehicle. So, some of the horsepower gain is due to the tune.

LS7 Intake Manifold Radically Ported + Throttle Body Ported by Peak Speed Shop

Dyno-tune results provided by Pur Performance, Saint Charles, MO

"I was shocked to see the gains honestly!!! Final numbers were 554.05x 507.70 . Couldn't be more happier with the results, customer service and the quality of work from bob!!! I highly recommend him to anybody!!"

LS7 Intake Manifold Radically Ported + Throttle Body Ported by Peak Speed Shop

Dyno-tune results provided by Jerry's Chevrolet Corvette Center - Beresford, SD

"I wanted to share with you the results of the installation of your radically ported LS7 Intake and Throttle Body. Attached is a dyno sheet showing before and after results of installing your radically ported intake and ported throttle body. I want to tell you that this car is a 2009 Corvette Z06 with long tube headers, a performance air filter, performance camshaft and OEM mufflers – It has been dyno tuned before the installation of your parts. It is running 92 octane pump gasoline. The before and after results show only the addition of your parts – we didn’t do any tuning to influence the results. The gains were very similar to your estimates. Peak power rose 15.74HP and peak torque went up 10.67 ft/ lbs at the rear wheels. What is more impressive than the peak numbers is the fact that the power gains were much larger in the lower RPM range. Take a look at the graph at 3500 RPM – before the ported intake and throttle body the power levels dipped a bit as the cam “started to come into its own”. With the ported intake and throttle body installed the power levels do not dip at all and gain close to 30 ft/ lbs of torque and 20 HP at the rear wheels! To say the least I am very impressed by your products and service. Thank you.

Barry Konken, Jerry’s Chevrolet Corvette Center - Beresford, SD