"The new addition is great. I didn’t realize how choked up the motor was until the upgrade. I've gotten horse power gains of 23  - 26 with the porting and the new 102 throttle body. Although programming is very tedious and sensitive I would still highly recommend anyone with  550+ horse power to have you guys handle the porting.  Thanks for all your help.”
Scott -  Ponchapoula, LA – Radical 102, LS3

“It’s installed and truck runs really well, much better on the top end than before and hasn’t been tuned yet. I can only relate to you by seat of the pants feeling. The truck now breaks the tires loose shifting from 3rd to 4th. Damp pavement, I Know, but never did this before; (we are talking 90 mph). As soon as I send Justin the log and we retune I will let you know. I am really impressed by what you have accomplished for me.”
Jack - Newport, OR (L92 Intake Manifold Radical Ported)

“Overall the truck pulls better especially on the high end.”
Tony – Brisbane, CA (L92 Intake Manifold Radical Ported)

"I purchased a ported 102 intake from Peak performance. They have flawless customer service that made the install very smooth. They are competitively priced and shipping is quick. This is a super bolt on mod that really wakes up the LS2 motor. It isn't a bad idea to send them your throttle body to port when you have everything apart. "
Carl- Williamsport, PA (FAST102 ported and Throttle Body ported for LS2)

“Just got my ported 102 on my car this weekend. Wow can definitely feel a power increase. Great work Peak Speed! And thanks for the fast turn around.”
Cory – Osceola, WI (FAST102 and LS2 throttle body ported)

"I got to take the car out today, does pull harder . Worth the price."
Jack - Amarillo, TX (LS3 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body ported)

"Well let me tell you, I don't know how many RWHP they added but the SOTP feel was a definite enjoyment. I can say for sure that throttle response increased dramatically."
Donald - Fayetteville, NC (LS2 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body ported)

"The turn around time was fast! I gave them a time line and Bob let me know when to expect it back. Bob had great communication, and when the IM and TB arrived I was impressed with the work he did! I was even more impressed with the numbers. Stock was 345whp on a ls2 car. With kooks long tube headers and x-pipe, stock mufflers, VR intake, and his port work, the car put down 395whp!!!!!! I won't cry about a 50whp gain!

The car picks up so much nicer now, with the top end pulling harder then ever. I always felt that I would get a instant tq rush pressing the gas, and then the power kind of fell off a little. Now I get the same tq rush, and once I hit around 4500rpm, the car just wakes up! Big difference!

Thank you again Bob for such a great job! I'm glad I had my manifold ported keeping my stock look! I would do it again in a heart beat!"
Kennan - Cohutta, GA (LS2 Intake Manifold Radical Porting)

"I don't have any hard numbers for you as I did not dyno the vehicle either before or after the porting/tuning. Seat of the pants though, the throttle response is much improved, and I can definitely feel the power/torque increase. Traction is now a problem in 1st gear, and it still pulls really hard in 2nd. No fuel economy data yet, but I expect it to improve as well. Overall I am very happy with the porting/ tuning results! Great bang for the bucks spent. Thanks for the good work!”
Terry – Trabuco Canyon, CA (LS2 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body ported)

“I sent my throttle body and intake to Bob for porting and was very impressed with his work. Unfortunately after receiving it, I had my new torque converter installed and am now in the middle of a cam swap, so I did not get to dyno the car afterward. I would not hesitate to have Peak Speed Shop do work for me again.”
Kevin – Mims, FL (LS2 Intake Manifold & Throttle Body ported)

“I can't say what the gains were before and after because I added a Throttle Body and ported heads at the same time, but I used Bob's services and he did an amazing job porting the Fast 102. For the extra few bucks it's not a job you want to go back and do. Bob is a great guy to deal with!”
Loui - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (FAST 102 Intake Manifold ported)

“Just wanted everyone to know that Bob did a fantastic job on my manifold and throttlebody. Not only was Bob great to work with, but my manifold arrived at Peak Speed Shop damaged and Bob took great pains to contact me about it (I'm not easy to get a hold of) and repaired it for free. Both pieces came back looking great - just as advertised. The set up runs great and I can feel a difference in throttle response. I haven't really jumped on it yet as the weather up here has been lousy and I'm still on last years gas."
Ken - Mercer Island, WA (LS3 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body ported)

“Just had mine done (radical porting) and the work was very good. I've got long tubes, ported throttle body and a CAI and will be getting tuned this week. Bump for a quality service.”
Mike - Raytown, MO (LS7 Intake Manifold Radically ported)

“I got my intake yesterday and it looks great. You did a great job on the runners and inlet of the intake. Thanks Bob!”
James - Upland, CA (FAST 92 Intake Manifold ported)

“Sorry not to reply sooner … and tell you how awesome it all turned out....you did a fantastic job!!!”
Jim - Piedmont, OK (Ported FAST 92 Intake Manifold, and throttle body; Powder coated Intake Manifold and fuel rails Mirror Red; Painted Throttle Body Gloss Black)

“According to the dyno I got 12 HP and 15 torque. I can feel the throttle response is very quick. I'm chirping second and third. Thank you for all your help! I will highly recommend you to all these guys up here.”
Ken – Baton Rouge, LA (LS3 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body Ported)

“I decided to go with porting the stock IM and TB vs. the FAST 102. I've yet to hit the dyno for final #'s but I will say the appearnce of the porting job that Bob from Peak did is absolutely top notch! It just looks right...For the $$ it's tough to beat, just my .02”
Joe – Whitmore Lake, MI (LS2 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body ported)

"Later dyno info from Joe.... “The car made 457rwhp 400 lb tq. I do not have any comparison data as the car was stock prior to the upgrades which were numerous. The car is angrily responsive and I love the slight whistle of what I believe is the TB.”
Joe – Whitmore Lake, MI (LS2 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body ported)

“The car runs and feels great, something was off on the dyno but the car runs awesome! It ended up putting down 471/440 on a dyno dynamics machine. Thanks again for your work!”
Rob – Costa Mesa, CA (LS7 Intake Manifold radically ported and Throttle Body ported)

"I  recently purchased a ported FAST102 from Bob at Peak Speed for my LS2 C6. Nice port work and reasonable price with prompt shipping. Have not been able to dyno or run car yet because of issues with our wonderful balancers. Will report back once super damper installed."
Dan- Oshawa, Ontario (FAST102 ported – LS2)

"I  received my intake about a month ago. I only had my unported 90mm Fast as a comparison. I could see a huge difference in the ports especially at the gasket area. The port matching to my Mast Motorsports 245cc heads was worth the money right there. The opening behind the throttle body was also smoothed out as well. I also can't give dyno numbers since I'm in the middle of building an LS3 Stroker. But I will say you will get excellent service, price and free shipping with Peak Speed Shop. They rock!"
Warren – Dighton, MA (FAST102 ported – LS6)

"I installed the intake and TB last weekend and drove the car several times this week and it pulled like an animal. I'm very impressed with the work you did and will recommend you to all my friends. Well worth the money."
Kerry - Albrightsville, PA (LS2 Intake Manifold Radical Porting & Throttle Body ported)

"Bob from Peak Speed Shop was great... he ported my FAST intake and ported my throttle body and I picked up power throughout the RPM range.... over 25 hp, and 15 ft-bs of torque before and after on same dyno (after retune). Quick turnaround, runners were ported evenly, but not overported (still saw witness marks). All in all, fantastic and reasonably priced "
A.T. – Illinois  (FAST 92 ported and Throttle Body ported– LS6)

“We installed the parts & converted to Flex Fuel. The E85 gives a little extra power but also provides consistent safe power.  E85 w/ ur parts gained 35hp  & 35ftq on the dyno.”
Mark  – Sioux Falls, SD  (LS7 Intake Manifold Radical Ported and throttle body ported)